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Center for Sports Medicine

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Treatment

The Center for Sports Medicine has been promoting good health and furthering the dreams of professional and nonprofessional athletes, performers and active adults for more than 35 years. From skiers, hikers, marathon runners, to swimmers and ballet dancers, we strive to help you be as active as you wish.

Launched in 1979 by pioneering surgeon James G. Garrick, MD, the Center for Sports Medicine at Saint Francis is the longest-running hospital-based athletic injury treatment program in the country. The Center for Sports Medicine treats all injuries, not just those that are a result of sporting activity. Everyday chronic elbow pain, knee pain, hip pain, or foot pain usually responds well to the same therapies and regimens used to treat sports injuries.

The Center for Sports Medicine Medical Director, Victor Prieto, MD is an orthopedic surgeon who has years of experience in sports medicine and is also a member of the Total Joint Center surgical team at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. The Sports Medicine team of multidisciplinary health professionals includes Orthopedic Surgery, Primary Care Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Physiatry, and Dancemedicine/Pilates. These specialists work together and share their complementary expertise to deliver the precise, customized treatment for maximum recovery.

Two Convenient Bay Area Locations:

San Francisco
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
900 Hyde Street, 11th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94109

Walnut Creek
Alpine Square
1777 Botelho Drive, Suite 110
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Driving Directions  Driving Directions 

Sports Medicine Professional Team

  • Orthopedic Surgeons are skilled in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. They offer a full range of arthroscopic procedures and joint reconstructions, as well as conventional and minimally invasive joint replacement surgeries.
  • Sports Medicine Primary Care Physicians are primary care physicians (PCP) for sports-related needs who are among the most experienced in the Bay Area. They examine, evaluate and treat the vast majority of sports injuries with outstanding success. Podiatrists evaluate foot and ankle problems in patients of all ages, and provide both surgical and non-surgical treatments, including customized orthotics.
  • Podiatrists evaluate foot and ankle problems in patients of all ages, and provide both surgical and non-surgical treatments, including customized orthotics.
  • Physiatrists use diagnostic techniques such as electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies to diagnose and provide expertise on rehabilitation regimens, as well as procedures such as spinal injections and nerve blocks.
  • Physical Therapists provide a variety of targeted exercises and manual therapy techniques. Treatment includes:
    • Post-injury and post-surgery rehabilitation
    • Sports-specific programs
    • Closed-chain functional progression
    • Active release techniques
    • Specialized spine care
    • Pilates-certified physical therapists
    • McConnell, Low Dye and other specialized taping
  • Dancemedicine Specialists have been adapting Pilates techniques and successfully applying them to rehabilitation since 1979.
    • Unique core program to tone, balance, condition and align the body
    • Combined Pilates apparatus and mat exercises
  • Additional Services
    • Digital X-ray technology
    • Concussion assessment and treatment
    • Platelet-rich plasma therapy
    • Sports psychology and nutritional counseling 

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