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Meet Brad K. Moy, MD  Medical Director, Occupational Health

We believe that a healthy bottom line starts with a healthy workforce. When your employees are sick or injured, your business suffers along with them. The cccupational health team at Saint Francis specializes in getting workers back to health – and back on the job – as quickly as possible. We have two convenient locations to serve you, the Franciscan Treatment Room adjacent to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital on Nob Hill and the Saint Francis Health Center at AT&T Park.

We believe each client and patient interaction is critical to achieve patient and employer satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure all initial employer inquiries are returned within 24 hours. Injured workers are fully cared for through the vast medical resources and expertise within Saint Francis. We practice early return-to-work through modified activities, a proven method of expediting the healing process. 

For more information please contact:
Melissa Neofes Mischak, Client Relations Director

Map and directions to Saint Francis Health Center, at AT&T Ballpark
    English (pdf file)
    Spanish (pdf file)

Map and directions to Franciscan Treatment Room at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
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