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Total Joint Center

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital is proud to be a 2014 Healthgrades five-star recepient for hip replacement. Call 866-466-1401 to schedule your appointment today with one of San Francisco's orthopedic leaders.

If you have an injury, arthritis or a connective-tissue disorder you may sometimes find daily activities difficult or even impossible to carry out. Saint Francis Memorial Hospital's Total Joint Center is dedicated to providing the best possible care for foot, ankle, knee, hip and shoulder injuries and disorders. When surgery is necessary, our specially trained orthopedic and podiatric surgeons, nurses and therapists provide comprehensive care involving the least invasive and up-to-the-minute techniques.

The Total Joint Center program includes: 

  • Private rooms
  • Nurses who specialize in joint care
  • A nurse manager who coordinates all preoperative and patient center planning
  • An aggressive rehabilitation program involving twice-daily therapy
  • Occupational and physical therapists who provide instruction on joint protection, energy conserving techniques, and use of assistive devices
  • An emphasis on group activities, as well as individual care
  • Education for family and friends participating as coaches in the recovery process
  • A comprehensive patient guide that covers both preoperative and post-operative phases

The decision to have surgery should be discussed with your physician and family, and you should understand all the benefits and potential risks before opting for this alternative. If you have questions please contact us.

Contact Information
Total Joint Center at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
1199 Bush Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94109


Total Joint Center Team of Health Professionals

These definitions of the personnel involved in your care will help you familiarize yourself with the workings of the Total Joint Center.

Fellow: an orthopedic surgeon wishing to pursue advanced training in a technique or area of interest. The fellow is under direct supervision of the treating physician, and may assist in examinations, in-hospital care, surgery, and research.

Physician Assistant (PA): Conducts patient and family contact prior to surgery, assists in in-hospital care, surgery and is readily available to answer questions about medications, rehabilitation, or concerns around the time of surgery.

Office Manager: Office administration, may answer questions about Total Joint Center billing and administrative issues.

Surgery Scheduler/Authorizations: Facilitates the authorization and scheduling of your surgery.

Medical Assistant: Facilitates scheduling of radiographs and procedures. Assists in the completion of forms and disability paperwork.

Financial Counselor: Can provide financial arrangements and information regarding cost of hospital stay and insurance coverage. They can be reached at 415-353-6140.

Additonal Physicians

Internal Medicine specialists who perform complete medical evaluations around the time of surgery. They participate in in-hospital management of medications, fluids, antibiotics, pain management, and blood thinners.

Anestheiologists: Performs all anesthesia procedures.

Additonal Hospital Personnel

Hospital Staff Nurse: Attends to your daily needs and dispenses medication while in-hospital.

Physical Therapist: Works with you to regain joint motion and muscle strength and helps you to ambulate with or without assistive devices. (Crutches, walker, cane, wheelchair)

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